06-09-2021 at 04:03pm by Creative Studio

Industry Forecast: Paper Market

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Paper prices will rise in January 2019, but help is at hand- Pollards can help you offset these increases and make your budget go further. What is behind the price rise? Shortages and price increases are usually a result of increased demand, but the predicted price change is caused by a declining demand. A decline was predicted in the market for coated paper, so paper companies switched up their coated-paper machines to enable them to produce products with a growing demand, such as packaging grade papers. By decreasing the amount of coated paper and increasing the non-publication papers produced on the same machines, paper companies hoped to keep supply and demand in balance.
However market demand has not been quite as forecast; the magazine market has seen a thriving take up in the enthusiast and niche areas, plus the industry has seen an increased use of coated papers for direct mail. With an ever increasing demand for ecommerce-related packaging production pulp prices remain high, and therefore paper mills are limited with how much they can discount their products.   What does this mean for my print collateral in 2019? You can beat the price rise by ordering you print now. We can provide you with a full print audit; looking at your different paper options to counter the effect of the price rises. Our team of experts will review your requirements and find the most cost effective solution for your needs. Or contact us today for your FREE print and paper audit and beat the paper rises!

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