Sustainable Printing

9th January 2017

How Pollards handle and dispose of other people’s waste’, turning it into a reusable and valuable resource to reduce the impact of printing processes on the environment

Climate change, global warming and the heavily polluted air around us today are some of the main reasons for many of the things going wrong with our environmental. Businesses are doing more and more to combat these negative effects, but unfortunately in the modern day, caring for the environment often takes a backseat with the reality of sales and profit.

But this isn’t the case here at Pollards Print in Exeter. We believe in sustainable printing, or “Green Printing.” By channeling the public’s waste and using it as a resource for our production process, our sustainable printing methods can help combat the damage being done to the environment. 

Pollards follow ISO 14001, one of the standards that sets out legal and other requirements relevant to the industry, with a specific emphasis on significant environment aspects. Abiding by this framework means our company is one of the few that is a part of the recently emerging trend of green printing.

Sustainable printing is not simply about “going green” or adding a certification stamp to your logo. The use of environmentally friendly paper, inks and machinery that requires less energy is an integral part of sustainable printing, yes, but the reason we choose to do it has more to do with the adverse changes happening in our world than anything else. In addition, more often than not, the costs of sustainable printing are equal to or less than using other, potentially environmentally damaging materials. For instance, recycled paper is always cheaper than any other kind!

By dealing with re-used materials, we are able to abide by the sustainable printing methods we have adopted. A printing business deals almost exclusively in paper and ink, and unfortunately these are two things that are often thrown away needlessly into the landfill as waste. But they could just as easily be recycled and re-used by businesses like ours, thus allowing your waste to travel back to you in an efficient and useful form.

The importance of recycling cannot be stated enough. The “reduce, reuse, recycle” policy of many governments, and in some cases many NGOs as well, is essential for understanding that the process does not end after simply recycling. Many other businesses now use this wasted, forgotten material and aim to provide you with a whole new, different variety of goods through its use.

If you too are interested in sustainability, remember that Pollards Prints in Exeter focus on providing you the best possible products via sustainable printing, to ensure that you’re happy with the finished product you deserve and that Mother Nature is happy too. Many people shy away from printing due to the harm it causes to the environment, but Pollards try to take your fears away. Our sustainable printing methods are short, simple and sweet – just as the saying goes, one man’s waste is another man’s treasure!