Don’t get stuck in the marketing channel tunnel

1st November 2017

At Pollards we believe that price is not the only important issue because print and branding are so crucial to our clients, their feedback continually reinforces a truism that is the hallmark of our work. The quality of what we produce for our clients ensures they keep coming back to us. In short, we are selling the benefits of using our services, not a comparison.

‘Selling the benefit’ is the first rule of marketing, the way you highlight your company, service and product. This is often called USP (unique selling product). Once you have defined the USP then you are ready to hit the markets.

We are often asked if the proliferation of social media and online marketing has affected print. Sure, companies are getting their message across electronically but not to the detriment of print which is still a crucial weapon in the marketing arsenal. Your marketing strategy should not be based on social media or print, rather it needs to incorporate different marketing channels.

Here are some tips to help with your marketing strategy:

  • Leaflets are a cheap and effective way of getting a message across. The print and distribution are two cogs in a wheel that also includes copywriting and design.
  • Direct mail has the advantage of targeting specific people and areas so a new home-visiting hairdresser could target women in their 60s-plus who might find it difficult to get out and about. If you got 10 clients from 1000 of these mailshots, and that became 50 clients with recommendations, you would be pleased with the results.
  • Email newsletters are cheap as chips to produce and send out. A key thing here is not to write too much because they are often read while a person is on a coffee break at work.
  • Social media and blogging is of course de-rigueur these days. That’s why we write our blogs. We don’t see our clients as job>invoice>see-you-again soon, we hope. We want to build a relationship and by offering advice and help in our blogs we aim to help our clients grow.
  • Press releases With the plethora of news outlets on and offline, journalists and publishers are desperate for information to fill their space. It’s interesting that press release could be shortened to PR because that’s exactly what it gives you, free PR! We can write a press release from a few bullet points you give us and get it out to the journals and aggregators that count.

Often clients come to us and say, we have a budget for print and marketing collateral over the next few months –what can you do? We provide advice on how to use the above channels and ensure that clients’ return on this investment is maximised. That’s exactly what we do – communicate our clients’ message or story.