Why are more companies coming back to print?

1st August 2016

Many businesses are coming back to printed products as a favoured form of marketing because of the endless benefits of personalisation. Now that most companies focus most of their marketing budget on online campaigns, printed media receives more attention now than it did before the internet switchover.

Despite the advantages of online-marketing, the impression made by a bespoke, high quality printed sheet simply cannot be replicated. Your recipient will feel confident that the services you offer them are likely to be of a high standard, if you take pride in your own marketing and business image. It’s relatively easy to create and maintain a functional, attractive website, but the personal touch that comes with a letter or direct mail simply cannot be replicated by a site which anyone and everyone can visit.

Let’s take a look at the world of publishing. When the E-book arrived, publishers and bookshops were panic-stricken over the instant demand for digital reading alternatives and the drop in demand for traditionally printed material. Market analysts predicted that digital reading would overtake print by 2015… But this hasn’t happened, despite the initial scare. E-book sales have gradually slowed, dropping by 10% in the second half of 2015 and they make up a lesser percentage of the book sales market now than they have done in the last five years. Whilst the E-book’s introduction proves that the printing world can be shaken, it has endured technological upheaval far better than its musical and radio counterparts. The spike in demand for E-books has levelled off and booksellers are noticing a resurgence in sales, as readers are choosing both digital and printed formats.

So why are people returning to print after a digital alternative appeared to signal the printing apocalypse? There are a number of reasons. Firstly, like all technology, E-books can fail, experience glitches or get too pricey. A paper version will never malfunction or lose connection in the way that a website might. If your client base can hold a tangible link to your company, if it’s there in their hands, it’s REAL. A website can be easily lost in the trillions of pages competing for your attention on the web, but printed marketing is far less likely to be swallowed up by competition because we receive far less through our letterboxes these days, unless the recipient still keeps everything they’ve ever received since 1969 which, let’s face it, is unlikely.

There’s also a scientific reason as to why your audience are more likely to respond more effectively to your printed marketing campaign. Studies show that humans retain up to 40% more of the information on a printed page, including names, numbers, faces and even the placement of passages on the page. Your reader is far more likely to refer back to your printed letter or advertisement if they can already picture it clearly in their mind’s eye and know exactly where they have to look to find the information they want. They’re less likely to trawl through a website; it’s a fact.

Bear this in mind when you design your printed material: put your most important images and passages in the places your reader will look first. If you’d like more information and advice on how to design the most efficient product for marketing or brand awareness, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at Pollards Print and we’ll do everything we can to help your printing project.