Bolder Banners – the where, why and how.

13th February 2017


When designing any advisement, you need to consider the features that will capture the attention of
passers-by. This is even more important when designing a banner to print in Exeter, as its primary
function will be to draw attention to your promotion. Banners have different uses, too. Some are
designed for outdoor placement and some are made to be used indoors. The planned situation of your
banner will determine the material from which it’s made. An outdoor banner will need to be
weatherproof to ensure your investment doesn’t go to waste at the first sign of rain. An indoor banner
might not have to withstand the Great British weather, but choosing a high-quality paper will reflect well
on your business and be more likely to last.

Indoor banners, like banner stands for example, can be used to attract attention to your Exeter business’
stand at a fair or exhibition. Your audience is going to be within close range of this kind of banner so
some text, such as your business’ ethos or testimonials, might be cleverly incorporated into the design.
If the banner is for outdoor use and your audience is only going to view your message from a distance
though, big passages of text will be unnecessary. So, before you jump into the design process, consider
where your banner will be used and which features are most likely to be eye-catching.

Outdoor banners are most often used for attracting attention from a distance. In addition to distance,
other factors to consider will include the length of time they’ll have to read your banner. If they’re
driving past, they may only have .me to catch a few words, so these should certainly be chosen wisely!

It’s easy to get carried away when designing a banner, as you’ll want to include your Exeter company’s
name, your logo, colour scheme, promotion or event date etc… But that’s already quite a lot to take in
at a glance. Make sure that text and background are colours that can be differentiated from a distance.
White on black or vice versa, black on yellow or blue on white are the most effective combinations. If
you want one piece of information to stand out, like a telephone number, printing it in a different colour
makes it up to 70% more likely to be remembered*.

Whether you’re going to need an indoor banner or outdoor banner printing in Exeter, if you’re going to
incorporate images, you should ensure that the images are of a high quality and will be seen clearly
from a distance. Let’s take a roll-up banner as an example. These are most often used at expos or fairs.
Simple design essentials include placing your logo at the top of the banner so it’s easily recognised at
eye level. Remember that your audience is accustomed to reading from left to right so, if you’re
including text, make sure it’s laid out well and is clearly navigable from one side to the other – not
jumping around in an unclear pathway. Images should be around 300 dpi.

In summary, your banner design should be based on two things: its position and clarity. Keep your
message simple. Consider where in Exeter people will view your banner and how long they’ll have to
take in your message. Let these factors be the key considerations in the design process and if you need a
banner printing in Exeter, look no further than Pollards Print!

* according to a study by Pennsylvania College of Optometry, USA