7 Tips To Help Find The Best Print Agency for You

8th March 2017

Like all businesses, print agencies all have their unique strengths and specialisms. But with so many on offer, when it comes to choosing a print agency, Exeter locals can often be unsure who to go with. To help you decide, we’ve created a list of top tips to help narrow it down.

1. Specific searches – if you search Google for ‘print agency’, it will likely come back to you with firms from all over the nation and beyond. If you need a local company, try narrowing your search to ‘print agency Exeter’, for example, and that’s going to cut out options that are too far out of range.

2. Research reputation – take a look at the agencies you find online and have a nosy around their site for any testimonials or feedback. Find out how long they’ve been in the business and don’t be afraid to ask for references from other customers. You could even check the agency’s social media profiles, as a lot of feedback is often posted on Facebook and LinkedIn now.

3. Customer service check – this is particularly important if you’re going to require your printer to handle long-term projects. Ensure their communication and management skills are reliable before you jump into a business relationship! Meet your potential account manager and make sure they’re both trustworthy and communicative.

4. Green is good – these days, eco-friendly printing is important and it could reflect badly on your business if you choose to use a non-green print agency. 50% of trees chopped down worldwide are for paper production, so conscientious agencies will take care of the environment, prevent unnecessary pollution, and use natural resources as efficiently as possible. You can ask print agencies about their credentials, such as whether they have FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC accreditations.

5. Cost comparison – unfortunately, print agencies aren’t one of the things that online price comparison websites evaluate, so you’ll have to do this one yourself! Check the prices of the products and the price of delivery. Some agencies offer free delivery but for others, delivery costs are where customers are most likely to get caught out. So make sure you’re clued up on the firm’s costings. If their prices aren’t listed on their website, you can always ring and ask.

6. Drop by – you can tell so much about a business by visiting its premises. If they take pride in their property and presentation, they’re more likely to take pride in your project. You can get a feel for the company, talk to the staff and check some samples of their previous jobs. It’s important to have faith in the quality of the agency’s work, so ask to see products similar to those you’ll be looking to buy.

7. Choose Pollards Print! Not that we’re biased or anything, but we think we’re the best print agency Exeter has to offer! So please don’t hesitate to give us a call or pop in to say hello!