5 Great Reasons to Use Litho Printing

18th April 2017

When you’re looking to print in large quantities but don’t want to sacrifice quality, lithographic printing is an excellent choice. There are multiple areas in which it’s superior to other options – even digital printing. We’ve picked the top 5 features that could make a litho printer Exeter’s best method of printing when it comes to your project.

1. Lack of impressions – It’s often considered one of the biggest advantages of litho printing that the soft rubber press can create clear and even impressions on a wide variety of receptor materials, not just paper. Litho printing is renowned for its flawlessly finished product and you can rest assured that there’ll be no impression made on the printed pages, or unsightly jagged edges, as can be the case with methods like letterpress or gravure printing.

2. Clarity of print – With a Litho printer, Exeter businesses can rest assured knowing they’ll always get a clear, precise finish to their printed media. The clarity of both text and images will be of a consistently high quality across the whole print run. Be it a large project or small, the crispness of the printed content won’t ever waver.

3. Quick turnaround – The majority of the time taken for a litho printer run is used to prepare the printing plates that will press the desired image onto the paper. Once these are ready, litho can print copies up to three times faster than digital printers (15,000 – 18,000 copies per hour compared to 4,500 – 6,000 printed digitally). The whole process only takes 5-7 days, depending on the number of copies required.

4. A cost-effective choice – When deciding to use a litho printer, Exeter businesses will be pleased to hear that the unit cost decreases as the size of the print run grows. If you’re looking to print commercial quantities and want infallible quality, litho printing is the most cost-effective method out there. The cost of setting up the printing plates amounts to the majority of the final price. So the more copies you make with them, the more cost effective your print run will be.

5. Versatility – A Litho printer can be used for everything – from newspapers and flyers to brochures and catalogues. It can be used to print on such a variety of surfaces, you can even print personalised images or text onto stationery and packaging. So, not only can you print any design, but you can print it onto a wider variety of surfaces than any other method.

If you’re tasked with printing a substantial number of copies – be it letterheads, magazines or even books – you should consider the advantages of litho. For more information on litho printers in Exeter, please get in touch with us today.