Pass the branding test with flying colours

21st August 2017

So you have a budget for a neat logo and strapline that visually exemplify your business aspirations and philosophy. And of course, we take for granted that you wouldn’t present your company literature with a spelling mistake, wood you?...

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5 Great Reasons to Use Litho Printing

18th April 2017

When you’re looking to print in large quantities but don’t want to sacrifice quality, lithographic printing is an excellent choice. There are multiple areas in which it’s superior to other options – even digital printing. We’ve picked the...

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7 Tips To Help Find The Best Print Agency for You

8th March 2017

Like all businesses, print agencies all have their unique strengths and specialisms. But with so many on offer, when it comes to choosing a print agency, Exeter locals can often be unsure who to go with. To help...

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Bolder Banners – the where, why and how.

13th February 2017

  When designing any advisement, you need to consider the features that will capture the attention of passers-by. This is even more important when designing a banner to print in Exeter, as its primary function will be to...

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Which Marketing Materials Should I Use?

12th January 2017

Though digital marketing has been on the rise over the last fifteen or so years, printed marketing materials are by no means redundant. The take-over by digital marketing has actually resulted in a fall in the cost of...

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Sustainable Printing

9th January 2017

How Pollards handle and dispose of other people’s waste’, turning it into a reusable and valuable resource to reduce the impact of printing processes on the environment Climate change, global warming and the heavily polluted air around us today...

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Advantages of High Quality Leaflets

17th August 2016

Despite the prominence of digital advertising, traditionally printed forms of marketing remain valuable investments to any company looking to promote their services, products or seasonal offers. Used correctly, a professionally printed leaflet can succinctly introduce your company’s ethos and services to...

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Why are more companies coming back to print?

1st August 2016

Many businesses are coming back to printed products as a favoured form of marketing because of the endless benefits of personalisation. Now that most companies focus most of their marketing budget on online campaigns, printed media receives more attention now than...

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A guide to choosing the right print for you

26th May 2016

Choosing the right print for you might sound simple, but with so many options and different types of printing available today, the decision can quickly become overwhelming and you could end up making a poor decision. That’s why we’ve designed this...

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